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Pasadena Water & Power

  • PWP Video Gallery

    Click the arrow on the videos below to view the them here on this webpage, or see an enlarged view by clicking on the YouTube icon on each. You can view and comment on these videos plus more of PWP’s favorite videos from the web by visiting PWP’s You Tube Channel.

  • Turf Replacement “Before & After”

    The Schwab Residence - Comment


    The Mitchell Residence - Comment


    The Wanandar Residence - Comment


    Turf Removal - The Bustamantes Program- Comment


  • Water-Smart Landscaping

    Efficiently Water Your Yard - Comment


    Drought Tolerant Plants - Comment


    How To Install Drip Irrigation - Comment


    How To Test for Landscape Water Waste - Comment


    How To Program Your Irrigation Controller - Comment


    Community Rain Garden in Pasadena - Comment


  • Your Water

    Water Issues & Solutions - Comment


    Indoor & Outdoor Water Conservation Tips - Comment


    Understanding Your Bill - Comment


  • Events

    Water Awareness Day 2007 - Comment


    Public Power Day 2009 - Comment


    Earth Day 2008 - Comment


Water Usage Gauge